Our FAQs

Once you've decided to capture your life stories, you'll probably wonder how to start. Here are a few of our most often asked questions and the answers.
Do I have to write my life stories myself?

You don’t need to write at all! But if you’ve already started a manuscript we’ll be happy to use what you’ve written.
Here’s how it works. We spend a few visits together, just talking, with a small voice recorder nearby picking up all your stories. From there we transcribe the recordings and place all the content into a logical order, like a jigsaw puzzle. We polish the wording next, keeping your own unique voice, and it’s ready to print.

Do I need to begin when I was born and tell the stories chronologically?

Some storytellers want to capture their whole life on paper, but most choose to tell the stories that mean the most to them. These are the tales future generations find fascinating.

I've always wanted to write my memoirs but I feel overwhelmed. Can you help?

That’s why we’re here! We’ll help you choose the format, the stories, and the photos. We even help jog your memory when you get stuck for ideas.
When you’re done, we help you choose the best book format for your stories as well.

How do you charge for this?

Writing a book can be a big project. We’ve often heard it compared to a vacation with costs ranging from a local getaway to a holiday cruise. We take the time to listen to your goals, expectations, and budget for the project and then we make suggestions on how to achieve it for you.
We’ve often found that taking on a venture like this includes participation from the whole family.

Do you offer audio or video products?

Our professional backgrounds are based on the written word rather than in the audio visual world so we focus only on preparing manuscripts and books from informal recorded interviews. Many other historians have backgrounds in broadcasting and are better suited for clients who wish to leave a vocal or video memoir.

We’re pleased to always include a copy of your recorded interviews in our package.

I live far away. Can we work online or on the phone?

Absolutely! We’ve worked with clients all over the world. We set up our schedule to suit your time zone and record our conversations over the phone. Please contact us for further details on photograph handling and editing approvals. We suggest you have access to a computer to streamline the process.

Still need help? Send us a note!