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Enjoy working on the story you want to tell, whether it’s a collection of stories that highlight your most important memories or a full length life story. Here are a few ideas that might help...


Editions are a series of booklets or small books that put you in control of your timetable and distribution. Now you can enjoy the process of sharing your life in smaller, manageable bites, rather than in one long legacy book.


  • Are perfect for any stage of life. Don’t wait until you’re retired to start your story. Publish an Editions book whenever the story is fresh in mind.
  • Enable you to change your writing tone from funny to poignant easily, from booklet-to-booklet, without a sharp demarcation as in a longer book.
  • Are manageable for more serious topics, which can be stored away until youngsters are older.
  • Make the perfect choice when you need to put time between each publication.
  • Allow you to cover your entire life story within a manageable budget.

Print one, or print one for everyone in the family! Editions booklets are smaller, quicker to put together, and the great cost-effective choice when you’d like to give everyone a copy.

The Times of My Life

One of my favourite ways to tell a life story is through one or two page anecdotal stories. The Times of My Life stories can follow your life in a linear fashion, covering childhood memories right up to last year’s family holiday gathering. They can also be sprinkled throughout a full-length book as side-bar stories. Here are a few ideas for turning memories into keepsakes to cherish…

  • Milestone birthday
  • Graduation
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Family reunion
  • Holiday
  • Retirement
  • Tribute
  • Pet tribute

Treasures and Traditions

Every family has their trove of favourites. Treasures and Traditions lets you put them all into one place to pass along to the kids. Here are a few ideas you might like to include…

  • Family recipes handed-down from generation to generation
  • Bedtime stories
  • Words of wisdom
  • Story Nuggets by family members
  • Funny anecdotes (ideal to recount in wedding and retirement speeches)
  • Most notorious (famous, clever, wittiest) relative
  • Unusual expressions from grandma and grandpa (and what they mean!)
  • Family traditions
  • Favourite books, movies, or holiday spots (and why)
  • Most memorable pets (and what made them so)
  • Family tree graphic (using your provided information)

Make your next family gathering memorable by compiling your own Treasures and Traditions book. Everyone loves to know their thoughts and feelings are special enough to be recorded.

It’s the perfect party favour to hand out at your next celebration.

Story Nuggets

A Story Nugget is a recollection of approximately 50-100 words written by a family member or friend about you (the storyteller) to help kick-start a short story of your own.


  • Are great for drawing-out memories of events you might have forgotten.
  • Are loved by others because each story already has a cherished place in their heart.
  • Make a perfect opening for telling a story from your perspective, as well as giving it background or life lessons to make it personal.
  • Include a small photo of the Story Nugget writer or other photo for your story.
  • Can be dispersed throughout any book as a special page or comprise a stand-alone edition.
  • Can breathe life to the names listed on your family tree.

Story Nugget tales are especially loved because they’re the memories your family already wants to hear again and again.

My Major Events

Often storytellers prefer to write about only one part of their life – the family holidays perhaps, or their years on stage or as a teacher. Others enjoy sharing their feelings about something, such as their love of the family farm and why keeping it means so much.

My Major Events books allow you to work on one or two of these major life areas, which usually fit well within a shorter book or even two of our Editions booklets. But as with any book you’d like to write…it’s the story that counts. The length is up to you and we’ll help you work it out along the way.

My Life

My Life stories often take your reader from early childhood to the present day but many storytellers prefer to set them up in category chapters such as Childhood, University Days, Family Life, and My Career. Timeline tables, which show the main points of your life by date and world history facts, are a great addition.

If you’re hoping to write your full life story, we’ll take plenty of time to outline what you’d like to cover and how to set it up. You can plan to use plenty of photos and captions with My Life books.

My Family Tree

While you’re going through photos and stories, you’ll be building an impressive list of who’s who in the family. Why not put their names on a small family tree for inclusion in your book or as a stand-alone printout?

Illustrating your family tree is great for the younger generation especially if you have a short Story Nugget available to breathe life to names. These can be printed on a separate or opposing page to your tree for easy reading.

Although we do not include ancestry searches in our business, we are happy to work with your genealogist or a family member to obtain the details you’d like to include in your tree.

All Projects Include These Things…

  • A complimentary consultation and welcome package
  • Recorded interviews – (based on the project you choose)
  • Transcription of interviews
  • Writing and/or editing the text based on interviews or provided partial manuscripts – (keeping the storyteller’s voice)
  • Scanning photos and light restoration work
  • A USB with the transcription, manuscript, e-book, and photos

Have a look at Getting Started for more information on next steps, book length starter points, and a base-line of costs.

Go to Our Guidance (aka…Crossing another one off the Bucket List!) if you’re nervous about getting started. We can help!