Our Guidance

Storytelling for a book, or even a short anecdote or two, can be a daunting experience. We’re here to help turn your time with us into a fun experience.

Your Welcome Package has all the tools to help you get started easily. We listen and ask questions as we record your stories. Then when you’re finished, we do our part to make every word shine while retaining your own unique voice.

Let’s have a look at a few ways we can guide you…


Planning Your Book

All great books need planning – and our aim is to make your book exceptional! We’ll take the time to prepare a loose outline before you give us a single word of your story. We’ll look at the major points you’d like to cover, historical events that might trigger memories, and the length of book you’d like to achieve to give us a better idea of the word counts for each segment.


Book Type

Full Life Story … Major Life Moments … Story Nuggets … what length and type of book will you choose?

Happily, you don’t need to decide right away. As we work together and decide on the story-lengths you’d like to write, we’ll soon see the best way to present your book. From there, we plan out the pages to suit your stories and your budget.


Remembering Those Ideas!

For years you’ve had memory-after-memory float through your mind and you’ve always thought you should write them down one day. Now you’ve made the commitment…and suddenly you’re at a loss for ideas! We can help with this too.

  • Timelines – We’ll put together a list of world events and dates that coincide with your lifetime.
  • Topic Lists – We have plenty of topics to read through for just this reason…to twig a memory.
  • Family and Friends – We’ll help you kick-start stories by talking with those closest to you if needed. Often the memories dearest to them will be favourites for you too.

Making Your Stories Sizzle

Now the storytelling begins – but where do you start?

The ones people like best are those that stick to one story line, are filled with action, emotion, and a satisfying ending. The length is less important than the content.

Our years working on hundreds of manuscripts with authors, screenwriters, business writers, and personal storytellers, will ensure your story sparkles – yet retains your own voice. After all, it’s you who your family wants to hear as they read!

“I leave out the parts people skip”

~ Elmore Leonard ~