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Our joy is to help you write the life stories your family will want to read, laugh, and cry with again and again.

Whether it’s a business or community history project, a detailed chronological account of your life, an event or two that helped define who you are, or a collection of memories written by you and your family to treasure, we’ll help you capture them in your own unique voice.

We know how to help you get there…because we’ve been there too.

Paula and Mary Jane

Paula Wheeler

Paula Wheeler

Paula wanted to be a writer since she was a young girl and loved any classes at school that involved creative writing.

Over the years she trained with authors at the Humber College School of Writing. She earned certification in technical writing and copy writing and became a senior judge for competitions with the Canadian Author’s Association for five years. She also trained in editing and magazine writing through Ryerson University.

Since 1998 she has worked with companies around the world and has been published in several languages. Her marketing material has appeared as magazine inserts and full page advertorials in such papers as the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and the LA Times as well as papers and magazines across Canada. She has written product manuals and collateral material for companies such as Challenger Motor Freight, Enbridge, Napoleon, Sinton, Wilton Industries, and Sera Gmbh. She has coached many authors – published and novice. Her third book, The Pet Sitters Handbook is in pre-publication.

Paula is a strong advocate of classic story structure even as it applies to non-fiction writing. She enjoys working with people and companies to create stories and articles that build tension, elicit emotion, and keep readers turning pages. “There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a reader flip the final page after reading, ‘The End,’ in hopeful anticipation of just a few more paragraphs.”

Mary Jane Murray

Mary Jane Murray

Mary Jane’s interest in Personal History began some years ago when she volunteered with her son’s grade five class on a trip to a retirement home. While the students were interviewing and recording the residents’ life stories, she noticed how inspiring this was for both the students and the residents.

Being a grandparent herself now, Mary Jane realizes the importance of preserving life stories as she sees her aging parents with her own children and grandchildren.

Mary Jane has a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Degree and a Master of Information Studies Degree from the University of Toronto. She has worked as a clinical hospital pharmacist for over 25 years.  As a health care professional, she interviewed many patients and their families and was intrigued by their personal life stories, the ups and downs, and their successes and accomplishments. She has written and edited numerous research papers, newsletters, policies and procedures, and educational articles. Using her librarian skills, she loves researching history and studying archives.

Mary Jane engages her skills as an interviewer, writer, editor and researcher to connect with individuals, families, communities and businesses to ensure the preservation of their stories and legacies.